Efficient Running and Racing Tips For the Efficient Runner

The efficient runner knows his well oiled machine inside out. He knows what his limits are and what he can expect from his body. His lungs are also one of his chief concerns. The lungs keep the body cells supplied with oxygen. As blood circulates throughout the body, carrying nourishment to the tissues, it gives up oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.

Every time a runner takes in a breath, fresh air containing oxygen is entering the lungs. The oxygen seeps through thin walls of air sacs, their capillaries and is absorbed by the blood. The blood then carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Waste material carbon dioxide is expelled as the air is breathed out.

The process of taking air into the lungs is known as inspiration and that of breathing out is called expiration. The two together is called respiration. Ordinary breathing of an adult is about eighteen inspirations and expiration every minute. However, a well conditioned efficient runner will be less because his body has become so efficient from efficient training methods.

To run as efficiently as possible we must remember many body functions are going on at the same time. Running, especially long distance running is all about controlling your mind. Control your mind and you will control your breathing. Control your breathing and you'll control your running. Contrary to what non-runners think, you will not run out of air in a marathon.

Another key element to the efficient runner is, mastering leg strength. Make sure you have enough leg strength to carry you out the entire course of the race. Leg strength is the problem not running out of air. If you have banked your long runs from a six month build up preceding race day, you'll have more than enough air in your efficient running body. Do plenty of hill work and intervals at a nearby track and you'll maintain all the leg strength it takes. My ultimate tip for you in mastering efficient running is, yoga should be worked into your schedule. Find a good yoga book and you'll become a top runner in your age group.

You already know you must run as relaxed as possible. You're constantly doing checks and balances as you're going through various stages of the race. If you turn on too much speed, you take a chance of not having enough strength for a strong finish. If you go too slow the competitors on your heals will pass you up!

A efficient master runner is in total focus between his breathing, hand height, pacing, comfort, rhythm, foot height off the ground and stride length. He's in tune with where he's at on the course and among the other runners.

Visualation has always worked for me and piers before me. Run these races in your own mind and where you want to be a various stages in the race numerous times before race day. Run the race you have trained for by "running your race" and not that of the other runners in the race. Though you're in a field of hundreds or thousands of other runners, you must not be influenced by their tactics. Here's to you being, an efficient runner!

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Correct Running Form is Key

So if you are not an expert runner, there are going to be some keys you need to know before you start running your little butt off. Why is a correct running form important? Why can't you just run your little heart out? Well, there are a few big reasons why and if you read on those questions will be answered.

The reason it is important to have correct running form is because you can save yourself a lot of uncomfortable pain. Your body will ache regardless if you run correctly or not, but soreness is not the same as pain. Running correctly will save you from pain, pain in your shoulders, back, and legs. Another reason why correct running form is important is because you will want to maximize your results. Yes, if you running correctly you can actually hurt your chances of getting the most out of your workout.

Here are 3 tips to run correctly:

Keep your head up! Keeping your head up will cause the rest of your body to fall into line; it will align your torso, which will keep you from slouching over and experiencing back pains. Always look ahead, look to the horizon.

Keep your shoulders loose! You do not want tense shoulders. You will find after running for a little while that your shoulders will naturally want to rise up to your ears, do not let them do that, whenever you feel some tension in your shoulders, shake them loose.

Get the right shoes! People have different size arches, and guess what? Shoe companies make shoes that are specifically designed to fit your type of foot. The right shoe will help align your lower body and prevent you from over pronating.

Have fun running.

Steven is passionate about living a healthy life, and helping other people find ways to improve their own health. Hiking, running and sports are a normal part of Steven's life. Steven also enjoys finding new exercises to incorporate in his daily workouts. He has also completed the in home p90x workout and the Insanity Workout program.